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Amount: €1,691

True Blue Casino - Delayed express withdrawal, money still not in player’s bank account.

7.6/10 Good reputation Submitted: 05 Sep 2019 | Resolved : 18.12.2019
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Case summary

191 days ago - 18 Dec 2019

Emily requested two express withdrawals and the second withdrawal was declined. She resubmitted the second withdrawal and it got approved. The player expressed dissatisfaction with the casino’s withdrawal process. This case was successfully resolved.

Written by Jozef Krucay
Data and complaints deputy lead

I requested an Express withdrawal of $591 on 13 August and $1100 on 14 August.

$591 was approved for payment on 19 August. $1100 declined on 20 August. Resubmitted as advised withdrawal of $1100 on 21 August. Payment approved on 30 August. During all this I have submitted bank transfer details numerous times to documents department and payments department as advised by customer service.

The only contact with True Blue is what I initiate as noone replies or confirms receipt of my emails even though I ask them to.  To get payment from this casino is horrendous.  All playthrough and bonus requirements were all met so there is no issue with validity of payment.  The amounts stated are all in Australian dollars.


Hello Emily.


I understand your frustration and I am sorry to hear that they let you wait. Unfortunately, the compliant-solving process is also very time-consuming. We will do our best to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I would like to ask you about the KYC procedure. In case that you are making your first withdrawal, you need to verify your identity. In some cases, the casino launches a deep verification process, which could take some time (this procedure is needed by law to prevent money laundering and frauds). Some casinos inform the player that they are being investigated, some don’t. This purely depends on the internal rules of the casino.


In your case, we will contact the casino and try to discover why your withdrawal was declined. Most common issues include a missing KYC procedure or deep verification (in some cases could take over a month).


Are you sure that you successfully passed the KYC procedure? We recommend you also check the e-mail spam folder; the casino may have sent you an e-mail specifying the kind of documents you need to send to them. This might include not only bank transfer details, but also your passport/ID, utility bill or other documents.


Regards, Jozef



Hi Josef

I submitted all documents required by this casino. I don’t understand if my payments have been approved why I have not received the fund. I have spoken to them on live chat and submitted bank details over and over so they have all that is required that I can see. My first withdrawal request was over a month ago now. If there is an issue why do they not contact me and let me know. As I said there is next to no contact from them. I get an automated response email to the ones I send saying someone will contact me within 5 days but noone does.





Thank you for providing us with the information we requested. We will now try to get in touch with the casino.


Best regards, Jozef


Hello Emily, 

I am following this up for you and will come back to you soon.  


Great...thank you.




It is now September 18. is there any progress on my withdrawal...still waiting to hear why I have not been paid my approved withdrawals...



I have since read so many reviews about this casino not paying out legitimate winnings. It seems to be their mantra. There is talk of a  class action against this casino for this very reason. How do they manage to keep operating???


Hello, True Blue Casino.


We are extending the timer by 7 days. Please, be aware that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame, we will consider this case as unresolved.


Best regards, Jozef



I have been in contact with True Blue and sending  proof of residency which apparently they need but noone told me about. Hopefully we can come to a resolution.


Hello, Emily.

Is there any new information about your case?


Best regards, Jozef


I am waiting for a reply as I tried to send my proof of residency to the email provided but it bounced back. I am hoping to get confirmation on the correct address to resend.


Hi Emily, 

Thanks for your patience. 

Yes payments were approved 19th Aug and 30th Aug.

I have requested one of our case managers reach out to you, however could you also kindly contact the Casino Customer service team also as there as there was some issue i noted in getting your wire details. 


Steven . 


Hi Steven

I spoke with customer service today and sent (again) my proof of residency to Andie who said  will pass it on to Meghan a payment specialist. Let’s hope this gets done and Meghan contacts me to say all is ok and payment is made and this issue is resolved.

Emily Duggan


Dear, Emily.

We are extending the timer by 7 days. Please, inform us when you will receive the payment and we will close the complaint as ‘resolved’.


Hello Emily,


Have you received your payment?  Please, be aware that in case you fail to respond in the given time frame, we will consider your complaint as resolved.


Best regards, Jozef


Hi Josef

i have not received payment as yet. I have been told all required documents are with True Blue so payment should be made. I will let you know when funds are received in my bank.



Hi Josef

I have posted below the chat transcript I had on 3 October regarding my withdrawals. This was 11 days ago and still no payment has been received even though they have all the docs they require and this is confirmed in the chat. I am at a loss as to why this is dragging on and on.



Chat started on 03 Oct 2019, 11:45 PM (GMT+0)



*** Emily R Duggan joined the chat ***


Emily R Duggan: Hello


Casino Support Center: Welcome to Customer Support and we hope you're enjoying your time with us! So we can best assist you, can you identify the purpose of your visit today?


*** Kathie T. joined the chat ***


Kathie T.: Hello, my name is Kathie T. and I'll be assisting you today. For verification purposes, may I get your username?


Emily R Duggan: siouxsy


Kathie T.: How may I assist you today?


Emily R Duggan: Hi Kathie T would it be possible to chat with Meghan or Andie please


Kathie T.: Allow me a moment while I check your account. Thank you for your patience!


Kathie T.: 8/30/2019 Wire Transfer Withdrawal - Transaction approved ($1,100.00)


Kathie T.: 8/19/2019 Express Payment Withdrawal - Transaction approved ($571.00)


Kathie T.: A payout specialist will be better to assist you. Please give me a moment while I transfer you over to them now.


*** Kathie T. has transferred chat to Escalation Team ***


Emily R Duggan: Thank you


*** Kathie T. left the chat ***


*** Meghan S. joined the chat ***


Meghan S.: Hi, my name is Meghan S. and I’m a Payout Specialist with True Blue Casino.


Meghan S.: How can we help you today?


Emily R Duggan: Hi Meghan I have chatted with you before and tried to reach you by email. Spoke also to Andie who was going to send you an email to contact me regarding my withdrawls


Meghan S.: Hi Emily!


Meghan S.: Allow me a moment while I check your account. Thank you for your patience!


Emily R Duggan: I also spoke on the phone to your VIP Manager who advised me to send you my proof of residency which I have done but have not heard from anyone


Meghan S.: Allow me to check


Meghan S.: As per our records, it looks like we are missing your bank wire details.


Emily R Duggan: that is not possible as I have sent them numerous times and I have been told in the past you have them and all that was required was my residency info


Meghan S.: Just a moment, thanks


Meghan S.: The request was escalated yesterday.


Emily R Duggan: What does that mean Meghan


Meghan S.: Since we have all the requested information the request was escalated by one of my coworkers.


Emily R Duggan: Escalated to what...I dont understand


Meghan S.: Our Finance Department is working on your request to add the information that we were missing to process the payment.


Emily R Duggan: Can you verify that you have all the information required to process my payments


Emily R Duggan: Sorry for pressing this but I have been waiting so long and then get told something is missing so want to be sure all is ok to go


Meghan S.: Yes we do


Emily R Duggan: Do you know when I can expect to recieve the funds in my account


Meghan S.: The Finance Department is working on your request.


Meghan S.: It should not take that long.


Emily R Duggan: OK... thank you for your help...:)


Meghan S.: You are welcome Emily.


Meghan S.: Besides this, is there anything else I can help you with today?


Emily R Duggan: No that is all. Thanks again.


Meghan S.: You are welcome


Meghan S.: Thank you so much for playing at True Blue Casino! We really appreciate your loyalty. Have fun and good luck!


*** Meghan S. left the chat ***


*** Emily R Duggan left the chat ***



Emily R Duggan


[email protected]



Docklands, Victoria, Australia




Escalation Team


Meghan S., Kathie T.


Hi again Josef

I contacted True Blue live chat yet again today to enquire about the holdup and was given (again) the reason  that they have a lot of withdrawal requests to process...this seems to be a standard reply. I have just now received the following email :


Gus Martin (Support Center)

Oct 15, 5:20 AM CEST

Dear Emily ,

Thank you for contacting us.

Thank you as well for taking the time for sending the documents in order to certificate your account.

We are pleased to inform you that they were reviewed and verified and your documents are complete.

Please rest assured we keep our player's information and documents totally secured and confidential. Our servers and offices comply with international security standards to provide a perfect safety environment for you to play at.

  • For further assistance regarding your withdrawal, refer to [email protected], or via Live Chat from our Online Site, they will be able to provide a more accurate response.*

Thank you for choosing our services, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance regarding documents.

Gus Martin


It just goes back and forth....on and on and on.....




Dear Emily,


Thank you for contacting us again and bringing your delayed payout to our attention again, our sincerest apologies for all inconvenience that you have experienced.


On reviewing your chat and e-mail correspondence it seems there were many people working to process your payout but unfortunately, they weren't working in unison!


To get to the bottom of this I asked our Customer Service Manager to review your account, he's has now done so and I can assure you that everything is sorted and your item submitted to Finance.


We expect a confirmation of payout from Finance within 5 business days though they often respond sooner; as soon as we hear something back our Customer Service Manager will contact you directly via e-mail with confirmation.


Again our apologies and thank you for your understanding and patience and thank you for bringing this delay to our attention.

Regards Steven


Hello Steven


Well it is now the 29th October and STILL no payment. Reading through other complaints it seems True Blue are in the habit of doing this. Happy to take players money but not to pay out. Extremely disappointing and disheartening  when your trust is broken. I have had all the excuses and all the promises...payment has been escalated, payment has been prioritised, delay due to excessive payment requests...etc. etc. It is so over the top it is laughable. Have spoken with so many TB customer service staff, payment experts, VIP manager and between the lot of you a simple payment does not eventuate. VERY SAD STATE OF AFFIAIRS...!!!


Greetings Emily,


Looks like you've been through quite a bit here but I'm pleased to inform you that two withdrawals have been released to our 3rd party payment providers on your behalf, $558.50 (after the wire service fee of $12.50) on the 22nd of October and $1080 (after the wire fee of $20) following on the 29th.


Though these payments were released as wire they must first go through our 3rd party payment providers who ultimately release the funds to you, 7-10 business days is fairly standard for them on delivery however it can take them a bit longer in some cases. 


I hate to tell you to be patient after the delay you've already experienced however they are most definitely on the way, the first of those should be arriving some time relatively soon to your bank account.


I've reviewed your case thoroughly and I see you've had enough apologies, as they say money talks and it's certainly more eloquent than I am. 


Instead I'll just say best wishes to you and congratulations on the win!






Hey, Emily.

Please, inform us when this issue is solved. We are extending the timer by 10 days.

Best regards, Jozef


Hi Josef

Well FINALLY I am pleased to say the funds have come through. My initial request was on 15 August so nearly 3 months on. Very disheartening at times and most frustrating but  happy to say this saga is over.


Many thanks



Dear Emily,


Thank you for using the casino-in.guru complaint resolution center. We are glad to hear that your issue got resolved. We will now mark it as 'resolved' in our system.