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Amount: 3,000 лв

WinBet Casino - Player complains that he didn’t win anything.

7.8/10 Good reputation Submitted: 17 Jun 2020 | Case opened
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9 days ago - 17 Jun 2020

The player from Bulgaria is dissatisfied with the casino’s RTP (Return to Player).

Written by Petronela
Casino analyst and complaint specialist
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For almost two months, I have deposited over BGN 3,000 in this casino and I have played on a slot only, mostly bets under BGN 1, partial over BGN 2. I have a lot of deposits and very few withdrawals. I don't get any bonuses, their daily bonuses are impossible to scroll through, many of my friends lost this way with daily bonuses. No winnings, bet slots between 0.40 and 1.5BGN are empty, totally empty. I play different games, I change and try quite often. Sometimes he sticks to just one. In my opinion, the casino has sensed the moment when I will deposit often and does not give any profits. Not to mention that if I had played one I would have lost even more. That is, this casino is something wrong and for that I give a super big negative assessment. This is not the first time. I don't want to hear about Winbet anymore! To me, they are fraudsters and robbers.

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Dear J,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I want to inform you that we cannot make a case solely based on what you are describing. Sometimes you might get lucky and sometimes not; that's how casinos and casino games work. I would recommend reading our article about Payout ratio (RTP): /learn-about-games-of-chance-rtp-variance.

If you have more information that would help our case, please forward it to me. Unfortunately, at this time, if we don’t have any evidence proving that something unfair is going on, there is nothing we can do. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything else, I could do for you regarding your complaint.

Best regards,



Dear J,

We are extending the timer by 7 days. Please, be aware that in case you fail to provide the required information in the given time frame, we will reject your complaint.

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